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Current Members

Major: Applied Math

Position: President

Fun fact: She was born with seven extra teeth!

noppakan sirikul

Major: Cognitive Science

Position: Treasurer

Fun fact: She was once accidentally stabbed in the hand at a birthday party!

lyra farrell

Major: Cognitive Science w/ concentration in Neuro

Position: Vice President

Fun fact: She can cross one eye at a time! 


shreya kowtha

Major: Psychology

Position: Choreographer and Merch/Web/Design Director

Fun fact: She's from Wisconsin!

maia thiel

Major: Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity

Minor: Education

Position: Music Director

Fun fact: She loves her family dog, but she's super allergic to him!

lori pradhan

Majors: Sociology / Economics

Position: Publicity Director

Fun fact: She once got her finger stuck in a Sprite can and had to get it cut off by a paramedic!

nishita nair

Major: Psychology

Minor: Education

Position: Social Media Director and Co-Social Chair

Fun fact: She can longboard dance! 

Major: Biological Sciences

Position: Co-Social Chair

Fun fact: She can beatbox and play the flute at the same time!

Major: Animal Science

Minor: Music

Position: Sp'toddler!

Fun fact: One time she visited 6 countries all within 4 months!

joan santos

lavernne quilatan

alyssa cardon


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