Apr. 16th Hellacappella at the Mondavi Center
May 7th Cleftopella

May 11th Thank Goodness For Staff

May 13th No Instruments Attached

May 21st LocalTones


Nov. 5th Sunset Fest

Nov. 12th West Coast A Cappella

Nov. 21st Alottacapella

Dec. 8th Winter Warmer (for UC Davis Staff )

Feb. 19th ICCA Quarterfinals at the Fox Theater

Feb. 26th Lights Low at Scilec

Apr. 2nd SCAMFest at Bridges Auditorium



Mar. 14th ICCA Quarterfinals

Apr. 30th Hellacapella


Sept. 28th California Firefighter's Memorial Ceremony

Nov. 9th SCAM Fest

Nov. 23rd Alottacappella

Dec. 7th VoCal Holiday Show

Jan. 24th Analy High School Performance

Jan. 28th Open Mic Night at Segundo Dining Commons

Feb. 1st Davis Idol at Davis Senior High School

Feb. 22nd ICCA Quarterfinals

Mar. 8th Good Day Sacramento

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The Spokes

The Spokes